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Fiona Caldarevic: arranger, orchestrator, composer and copyist, from Narrandera, NSW, Australia.

If you're looking for a special arrangement or orchestration for your group, or for an event, I can do that for you.  Whatever size your group or ensemble is, from soloists to small duos or trios, right through to big band or full size symphony orchestra, I can write whatever it is you need, whatever your genre or style or musical era. No job is too small or too big.

If you've got a great sounding MIDI file that needs to be notated, or a handwritten score that needs to be typed, I can convert all that into properly engraved notation for musicians.

For more information about what I offer, see here.

My love affair with arranging started in the early 2000s while singing in vocal groups, with close jazz harmonies firing up my imagination. After arranging for vocals for a while, I moved on to arranging for instrumental ensembles and now orchestras.


Now I'm fresh from recently completing the two-year Master Certificate in Arranging and Orchestration through Berklee College of Music online with experience in arranging for bands, orchestrating for chamber and symphony orchestras and sequencing. I also had fun learning how to score for films. So here I am, fresh with urgent ideas, good skills and taught by the best. 

I am also endorsed by the wonderful Music Arrangers' Guild of Australia as an arranger, orchestrator and copyist. 


My notation software is Sibelius 7.1.3 and I can do decent mock-ups on my Pro-Tools using East West's Composer Cloud sound libraries.  My music-theory-nerd rules-loving left-brain dictates my notation skills, making sure every note is perfect and every score is clear, legible and correct.

Musical Interests

My music passions are classical music, retro pop, world music and many kinds of jazz, strongly influenced by my parents' exotic and retro musical tastes, as outlined here, and my own fan-girl love of old pop music. Mix all this together and you get my unique approach to my musical creations.

A bit more

I live in the idyllic country town of Narrandera, New South Wales, in Australia with my saxophone-playing husband Les, and our two chooks Buffy and Xena. We live right in town and our internet is fantastic. If you're happy to receive music from me online, I'm happy to be of service to you regardless of where you are in the world.  If you need specially printed scores, there's a good printing service in town that I can use, or maybe I can even use the one near you. Contact me.


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