Music Services


My music background is what makes my arranging style quite unique. Whether you need arrangements for your duet, trio or ensemble, or a pop, classical or jazz piece for your band, whatever size, contact Fiona. No job is too small or too big.


If your MIDI score files are a mess, or your handwriting is not up to scratch, or even if you're not sure your notation scores cut it for a live music scenario, contact me, a devotee of Sibelius notation software and a self-confessed music theory nerd, to perform my magic on your charts.


Orchestras and big events go hand in hand. If you've got music that you need an orchestra to play, contact me.  I will write an orchestration for your music that is just right for the mood you need, using whatever instrumentation you have.

My orchestral scores have engraving that is clear and correct for orchestral musicians to sight-read and save you time at rehearsal or at an expensive recording studio.


If you have music that needs to be written down, contact me.  I'm the one who always got full marks in music aural exams, and my knowledge of weird chords and exotic rhythms is good.  


If you're in need of a special original piece of music for a special event, get in touch.  This might be the perfect gift idea for someone who has everything.